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Iris Zenker and boleadoras

Attending the „Saltimbanco“ Show of the Cirque de Soleil in 1995, was my first contact with the boleadoras.
It was clear: That is what I want.

5 years later

At the turn of the millennium I was at the beach of Fortaleza in Nothern Brazil.
There I marveld a stunning show of dance, acrobatics and humor. My heart was pounding faster as the dancers whipped the little balls from their pockets and started to dance with them.
Yes, there it was again…my heart’s desire.
That was what I wanted to do. I wanted to dance with the boleadoras.

8 years later

It was time for changes in my life. The passion and love for a bountiful life let me dream of dancing balls. Each morning I woke up with the strongest desire fo find someone who could teach me the dance with the boleadoras. Dreaming, thinking and doing. The research was difficult. It lasted and lasted. But one day I found a school for circus affairs, named „Espace Catastroph“ placed in Brussels, in the internet. There was a teacher who taught the students boleadoras.
YES! In march 2008 we had our first meeting in a stepdance school, the „tapshow company“, in Brussel. I am so glad about the further development of three year tuition and a fantastic friendship. Michou Meugens, dancer with international career, used to all grand stages of the world, taught me to handle these little balls viruosically.
Thanks to my dearest friend Michou.

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