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Iris Zenker

After a hurly-burly childhood in the eastern parts of Germany,
an exciting and inspiring adolescence in the west, it went
further on, colourfully in the most parts of the world.

This is what I am:

Baby, child, teeny, mother, wife, dancer, clown, therapist,
traveller, lifecoach, cleaner, barmaid, eurythmist, muse, tailor,
lecturer, motorist, woman, fool and pirate.

This is what I can:

Listening, accompanying, dancing, cutting wood, loving, valueing,
casting, knitting, teaching, dreaming, developing, being patient,
healing, being spontenous, calming and a lot of more.

This is what I want:

With insight, appreciation, love, humour and passsion acting and living.

Learner and lover from now on.